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"Community First"

Youth Engagement Project for Santa Ana Police department.

Over the course of 5 weeks we partnered with Officers, teachers and staff from SAUSD to create a safe space where Students can express themselves and were asked, What does community first mean to you? I took there ideas and concepts and developed a design that can radiate the love they have for the culture and people that make up Santa Ana. This project also created an opportunity for students to intern and help paint the mural along with officers participating in the creation of this piece. We hope to continue to hold onto that love that we all have for the city of Santa Ana and continue to radiate love, peace and unity throughout the city.

Thank you to Santa Ana Police department Santa Ana Police Department Chief Valentin and sergeant Maria Lopez, Mrs. Maricela Pena and Mrs. Aidee Bahena from SAUSD

Students involved: Jesus Cruz, Isaiah Rodriguez, Allegra Ruesega and Alonzo Rusega

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