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"Myrtle Art Alley"

The Heavy connected with Community leaders and neighbors to come together and invest in the Pacific Park Myrtle art alley project in 2021. An alleyway located between Myrtle and Hickory, a block from Roosevelt-Walker Academy Elementary school. This initiative calls for strategic investments to be made in public art along alleys that students use when walking between home and school. As well as healing our community through art, culture, safe placemaking, and art therapy. 

"Culture is the cure" 💙 Congratulations to Bud Herrera! Excited to announce "Myrtle Alley Magic" our Community Engagement project funded in part by the City of Santa Ana Economic Development Art and Culture office's 2022 "Investing in artist grant" received additional sponsorship from Community Engagement! We are excited to continue investing in our youth at Pacific Park Neighborhood in East Side, Santa Ana. The project transforms neighborhood streets, promotes open dialogue between neighbors, creates safe spaces, and spreads healing in our community through Art therapy. Coming Spring 2023 | Community Engagement | FREE Art Supply Giveaway If you would like more information or you would like to get involved Contact:

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The Myrtle Art Alley is a Grassroots collaboration with Pacific Park neighborhood and community leaders. Special thank you to our Neighbors and Community Leaders for being the spark to this project, Don Antonio Gonzalez and all our Neighbors of Santa Ana.  The collaboration brought a sponsorship of 11 New Public art murals to the neighborhood and continues to grow!

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